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EUSO Ltd. is a private firm specializing in the architecture, desing and development of network-based information systems. EUSO was founded in year 2000 by IT specialists with extensive experience developing these systems for a wide range of applications.

The key personnel at EUSO have gained experience in the scientific and business computing industries from private IT companies, as well as large projects in Western Europe.

This experience has enabled EUSO to provide quality services and sofware to customers in a wide variety of industries.


We make IT happen by translating your business objectives and requirements into viable architectures. We assist with technology decisions that map business initiatives and priorities to the technology realm while mitigating risk. We refine architectures leading to a robust high-level desing.


We have built a team of experts, focused on enterprise Java. The team consists of software architects, senior developers, with proven skills and high productivity and team leads who can deliver. We can help you to determine the right technology strategy to adopt, architect it and turn it into a robust implementation. We believe in small cohensive teams working together to implement chunks of functionality using a process appropriate to the project.


Safelayer Secure Communications S.A. is a leading provider of security software for public key infrastructure (PKI), multi-factor authentication, electronic signature, data encryption and for the protection of electronic transactions. Safelayer’s eID technology is used in electronic identity projects involving people (corporate users or citizens), connected objects (software systems or hardware devices) and in the adoption of trust services in Internet and mobile communications. Safelayer relies on its partners with advanced competencies in cybersecurity to deliver high-end security solutions for government agencies, financial services, large corporations, and security service providers, including TSPs.

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