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The Letter Alphabet for iPhone, iPad, Android

The Letter Alphabet in Latvian, Russian, English and Italian for preschool age kids as well as for adults.

We offer The Letter Alphabet in Latvian, Russian, English and Italian where each letter is designed in an interesting manner and has a played pronunciation of it, as well as the word is presented starting with particular letter.

The letter is supplemented with cheerful and interactive illustrations to attain motivation to rapidly aquire the Latvian, Russian, English and Italian alphabet.

This program presents the character of each letter, develops the ability to recognize letters, teaches to undesrstand the relationship between the letter and word, as well as trains memorising skills, contributes attention to sustainability and develop perspicacity.

Flash cards features:

  • All presented illustrations are original work and created especially for this alphabet
  • Presented capital letters and lower case letters
  • Letters are supplemented with illustrations
  • Presented audio sound of each letter and pronunciation of appropriate word
  • Presented audio sound for word combination and sentence suitable to letter and matching illustration
  • Illustrations are animated

Have a fun learning Alphabets in Latvian, Russian and English!

Developed and published by "EUSO" supported by "E Forma"

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